About QS Car Club

The beginning

The QSCarClub, in its current form, is actually relatively new. However, its origins date back to early in 2009 when a few people decided to meet up in the iconic Queen Square in the heart of Bristol. Half a dozen classics, a few enthusiasts and a coffee or three. Over time, through word of mouth, it grew and grew. Gradually easily filling the Square on every second Sunday of the month.

Outgrowing Queen Square

The only problem was, we filled it. Several times over! Any and every type of car was welcome, it was all about the enthusiasm of the owners. There was no real official start time to the meet, but people were having to get down there earlier and earlier to get a suitable legal space. People arriving from about 8.30 onwards just couldn’t park. This lead to parking on the pavement, on double yellow lines and double parking. The atmosphere was fabulous, but it also started to bring us to the attention of the police and the local council.

Getting the show on the road!

Fast forward to 2018 and meetings with the council started, the decision was made to try and move the meet elsewhere. Throughout the year we tried places like Ashton Court, Bowood House, Hengrove Park and others. We tried to find somewhere that would be as beautiful as Queen Square, but would also work regardless of weather, have the space needed and the all important coffee! As much as we tried, no one place suited the bill. So throughout 2019 we put together a program of locations across north, south, east and west Bristol so that everyone could get to one as easily as possible. We made them family friendly and in very special places such as the Lloyd’s Amphitheatre, Old Down Country and Kings Weston House.

The format has changed, but the ethos and enthusiasm most certainly hasn’t. We will carry on into 2020 and beyond using lovely locations in and around Bristol. If you love your cars, bikes or trucks then come and join us.